Turn the earth’s observation data into actionable intelligence, for faster, more-informed decisions

Navec: Our SaaS Platform

Our cloud-based SaaS product fuses images from air (aircraft, UAVs), space (satellites) and water (lidar, sonar), to create one continuous 3D visualization from the highest point on earth to the lowest point across all terrain.

On top of this imaging we layer existing geographic information systems (GIS) data such as weather information, streets, topography, buildings, other objects, terrain and spectral changes. 

The combination of all this enables us to create near real-time volumetric 3D images. Imagine a digital map, but instead of seeing the earth in 2D or simulated 3D, you saw an actual 3D image.


Actionable Insights Driven by AI & Machine Learning

Helixx: Our Analytics Engine

We combine and synthesize information from major satellite providers and new and emerging satellite constellations to provide industry-leading high-resolution earth images. We can focus in on specific areas and recreate that visualization as often as image providers cover that area, including daily views. Our Helixx analytics engine is monitoring all these images, making it ready to provide customers with time-series images when and where they need them.

Terris: Our AI & Machine Learning

Overlaying Helixx’s image analytics, is Terris, our AI and machine learning processing power. It enables up to 90 per cent industry-leading change detection, creating near-time actionable intelligence for any place on land or sea.

Situational intelligence when and where you need it

Our industry-leading 3D earth observation technology software automatically analyzes the nature of the changes in areas of interest, produces 3D maps highlighting changes in areas, and reports on the nature of those changes. Situational intelligence when and where you need it for emergency situations, civil defence, risk management and exploration.

Earth Exploration

Reduce on-site assessments, accelerate business analysis and validate project feasibility faster with industry-leading 3D visualization and change detection

Emergency Response

Near-time multidimensional analysis and intelligence gathering to quickly map safe routes, recovery and risk mitigation.

Defence & Security

Seamlessly merge intelligence from satellite, mapping, drones and other visualization tools to achieve powerful situational awareness insights both remotely and on-site