• Norm Couturier

Indian MBA students bring international experience to marketing efforts

From Left: Aishwarya Yewle, Kamaldeep Kaur, and Swathy Paramanandan

Businesses benefit when we welcome the addition of a variety of voices and perspectives. This is particularly true when we are looking to expand our markets beyond our home base, which is why Tom and I like to hire international students to work with us at 3D Planeta.

For instance, in September we happily hired three female second-year MBA students from India for a three-month marketing internship. Their combined knowledge, experience and professionalism are impressive. Kamaldeep Kaur is a computer scientist from Punjab, Swathy Paramanandan is an electronic communications engineer from Bangalore and Aishwarya Yewle is continuing to add to her business management expertise, which she gained in Bombay, India’s financial capital.

This week I’ll be participating alongside Ignite Fredericton Director Sarah Hollohan in Canada Week 2020, a virtual India/Canada trade mission co-hosted by the Government of Canada’s Trade Commissioner and NASSCOM, the national trade body representing India’s tech industry.

We’ve got a small window to talk about 3D Planeta’s HR plans and how it fits into Fredericton’s larger immigration strategy. It’s a story I’m happy to tell. First, I love living in New Brunswick and am happy to share that affection with newcomers. For me, the decision to remain in Fredericton, and operate my businesses from here has been consistent: Fredericton and New Brunswick in general is a beautiful area with a high quality of life. In Fredericton, we have low pollution, a low cost of living, access to high-quality education, a world-class communications infrastructure and a thriving and growing tech sector. Plus, within a two-hour flight, I can be in Toronto or Montreal, providing me access to any major international connections.

Second, I and my company benefit from the experience international students bring. In the past year, 3D Planeta has worked with a number of international students and all of them have both an undergraduate degree and real-world experience from either their home countries or elsewhere in the world. That’s valuable to Tom and me as we build out 3D Planeta and look to enter international markets.

Aishwarya chose Fredericton because she was attracted to its smaller size and ability to get out and enjoy the natural environment. “I wanted to work in an international country, to get an understanding of how it works here and to have work-life balance,” she said, adding she was interested in learning how business strategies differ between Canada and India. “Marketing is different in every country because every audience is different. I was very curious to understand what and how international markets work and if that was knowledge I could bring to my own country, which is how I ended up choosing Canada.”

Kamaldeep wants to be a data scientist and this three-month marketing internship is giving her exposure within a technology company and building on her three years of business experience she gained while working in Delhi. She chose Fredericton because UNB was cost-competitive compared with other Canadian and Indian universities. “Getting jobs in India right now is very difficult because of the population, which means high competition. Canada is a developed country with lots of opportunities so that’s why I chose it,” she said. “I want to work as a data scientist and I would love to stay here.”

Swathy is eager to explore her options and see how she can develop her career in Canada. “The gates are open now, so why not give it a shot,” she said, adding she considered the U.K. and Australia but racial tensions concerned her, as well as the cost of living. “I know for sure I want to stay here in Canada, get a good job and see what happens.”