• Oksana Tesla

3D Planeta joins 1% for the Planet

Updated: Sep 18

Taking care of the earth is 3D Planeta’s core business; now it’s a financial imperative as well. Our company has joined the global 1% for the Planet movement, committing to give one percent of company sales back to the environment, regardless of whether we have a profitable year or not. I managed the application process – which is wonderfully straightforward. Besides businesses, 1% for the Planet is also welcoming individuals and I joined the movement without hesitation. Here’s how it works. Business members donate the equivalent of 1% of their gross sales through a combination of monetary, in-kind and approved promotional support directly to environmental non-profits. These can be global, national or local organizations. 3D Planeta will be focused on supporting local nonprofits that work hard to solve New Brunswick environmental issues. 1% for the Planet then reviews the documentation and certifies the sales and donation details once a year. It’s that easy. For individuals, it’s even easier. I’ve signed up and pledged to donate one percent of my annual salary to environmental non-profits through monetary and/or volunteer support. My entire donation could be through volunteer hours – rolling up my sleeves and helping out with environmental causes in my community. For monetary donations, I select the non-profit and 1% for the Planet makes that connection for me. In 2021, most of my donations will be monetary and I’ll be selecting some non-profits that are already doing a great job, so I can help them to move forward and solve the issues that are important to me. We are making a difference for our planet. 3D Planeta’s technology is world-leading; with 1% for the Planet, our values are world-changing.