100% 3D visualization guaranteed; no simulations required

Updated: Sep 28

We live in a 3D world but most of us don’t work there. Our digital lives exist in a 2D world, which means we can’t see the full picture. The team at 3DPlaneta is about to change that.

Think about the view you see when you look down from an airplane window to the ground below. You see the ground in 3D; this is the way your eyes and brain naturally work. You can make instinctive decisions about the ground, such as the depth of a ravine, the height of a building or fence, or the obstacles in your way as you figure out how to get from point A to point B. Now imagine having only an image to guide you. It’s not as easy to make those instinctive decisions with a 2D image. This is because your brain has to constantly process the image to determine depth, height and distance.

Now imagine a situation where you had to send people into a military conflict zone, a natural disaster area, a search and rescue mission or a hostile urban crisis. Your job is to assess the environment that these people will operate in. Would you rather use the 2D image or the 3D image?

3D Planeta’s patented technology fuses 2D satellite and aerial images of the earth and converts them into volumetric 3D images. Imagine a product like Google Maps, but instead of seeing the earth in 2D or simulated 3D, you saw an actual 3D image. That’s 3D Planeta’s starting point.

We’ve also added tools that enable you to make decisions about the ground, such as can I get there from there, or can I be seen from a specific point on the ground or above. These capabilities enable operators to make critical decisions about keeping people safe while executing their mission.

We also have industry-leading capability to perform change detection on satellite images, so you can see what's different on the ground since the last time you looked, such as buildings, objects of interest, and terrain. Imagine how this can be used to assess the land before and after earthquakes, wildfires, floods, tsunamis and hurricanes. 3D Planeta’s change detection capability leads the industry at greater than 85 percent accuracy.

We're building out our cloud-based platform as a software as a service right now with product release in 2021. If you’re in the Atlantic bubble, I invite you to book a demonstration session in our Fredericton headquarters so you can see first-hand our 3D capabilities. For those of you further afield, we also assemble remote demonstration platforms so we can deliver our 3D image visualization to you.