Earth Intelligence

October 1, 2021
Space Investment Trends
Space Investments Reached All-time High $7B in 2020
The commercial space sector is now valued at $219 billion, driven by growing global interest in space start-ups and cutting-edge commercial technology
August 11, 2021
Change Detection: Eyes on Everything for Faster, Smarter Crisis Management
Mix and merge satellite, airborne and street-view data to detect changes on the ground to predict where you need to be to save lives, land and labour
June 9, 2021
A satellite image of a remote location
Satellite Imagery Makes Monitoring Remote Locations Easy
The “eyes” in the sky collecting satellite data saves time while giving decision-makers accurate change detection and monitoring of any place on earth.
June 1, 2021
Merging Public and Private Spatial Data to Create the Big Picture
The pandemic has created opportunity in geospatial sector, where innovation sees expertise, once dominated by gov't services, migrate to private sector.
May 20, 2021
Data is the New Battlefield for Situational Awareness
I witnessed the first signs of the metaverse two decades ago during a futuristic military experiment at Fort Knox.
March 31, 2021
AI Offers Decision Dominance and an Insurmountable Advantage
Success is determined by the organizational ability to gather multiple sources of data to supply a global view of land, sea, air and cyber (digital).
March 3, 2021
Track the Full Picture of Mining Operations From Exploration To Reclamation
Integrate real-time data with 3D mapping to create the most complete record of a mine’s lifecycle, from exploration to reclamation.
February 4, 2021
Accurate Geodata Critical for Renewable Energy Developments
Fusion of a variety of geo-specific data to create an enhanced view that provides clients with something we call situational intelligence.
January 29, 2021
AI, Situational Awareness and the 21st Century Battlefield
Today’s commander needs to view in a stroke of an eye what is happening across land, air and sea, and now also in space,and cyber and digital realms.