Our Values


We embrace safety, wellness and diversity and care about working with others who are as dedicated as we are.


We strive to positively impact our place of work, our community and our planet through our actions.


We default to openness — we are authentic and transparent in everything we do.


We respect and trust each other. We value our individual contribution and recognize that together we accomplish more.

Advancing Technology with Purpose

We contribute at least one percent of annual sales to local environmental causes as part of this global alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet.

We are actively working on three of the 17 SDGs, the global call to action to support greener, more inclusive economies, and stronger, more resilient societies.

Our Team

Norm Couturier

CEO, President, Co-founder

Tom Batty

COO, Co-founder

Daniel Purcell

Business Development Lead

Oksana Tesla

Special Projects Lead

Oliver Dueck

Lead Software Engineer

Phil Cockayne

 Senior Software Developer

Collin Kilburn

 Lead Platform Engineer/Architect

Jordan Cameron

 3D Generalist

Umut Karabacak

 Digital Marketing Specialist

Wei Wu

Business Development Analyst

Josh Kleine-Deters

 Software Engineer

Isayah Vidito

 Software Engineer

Mackenzie Storey

 Software Engineer

Aude Doussot

 Software Engineer

Saeed Saryazdi Zadeh

Saeed Saryazdi Zadeh

 Software Engineer

Sarath Veeturi

 Geomatics Specialist

Term Employees

Kevin Jeevanadham Daniel

 Software Engineer Intern

Robert Greenan

 Software Engineer Intern

Jennifer Caporas

 Business Analyst Intern

Board of Directors

Norm Couturier


Chris Mathis

Board Chair

Yun Zhang


Proud member of

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3D Planeta will continue to evolve because you are going to change it for the better. We can’t wait to see where you take us.