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OUR Vision & Mission


To be the leader in delivering earth intelligence to help make healthier decisions about developing our planet and improving the safety of people.


To curate our earth’s observation data quickly, present it in immersive 3D, and provide deep analytics to help leaders make critical decisions about where to go or what to do next.

Our Values


We embrace safety, wellness and diversity and care about working with others who are as dedicated as we are.


We strive to positively impact our place of work, our community and our planet through our actions.


We default to openness — we are authentic and transparent in everything we do.


We respect and trust each other. We value our individual contribution and recognize that together we accomplish more.

Advancing Technology with Purpose

We contribute at least one percent of annual sales to local environmental causes as part of this global alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet.

 As a certified B Corp, we embrace positive impact on all employees, clients, society, and the environment with one goal in mind: to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

We are actively working on three of the 17 SDGs, the global call to action to support greener, more inclusive economies, and stronger, more resilient societies.

Our Team

Norm lives his alternate life as blues guitar player and frontman. He is addicted to motorsports, nice people, and chocolate.

Norm Couturier

CEO, President, Co-founder

Tom brings us all together and is more enthusiastic than ever! His passion lies within F1's breakthrough technology as well as bringing old and meaningful items back to life!

Tom Batty

COO, Co-founder

Dan's determination paired with his communication skills makes him a true business development professional. He is also a big fan of "anything hockey, baseball or music" - as he likes to put it!

Daniel Purcell

Business Development Lead

Originally from Ukraine, Oksana's high energy and perseverance allow her to accomplish various organizational objectives. Doing yoga, traveling and skiing are her favorite activities that she finds essential.

Oksana Tesla

Special Projects Lead

Oliver plays a key role leading our product development through his analytical and managerial skills. He is passionate about cars and travelling and we love to listen to his travel stories from around the world.

Oliver Dueck

Lead Software Engineer

Phil's adaptable personality fused with his interest in 3D tech and real world applications greatly helps create the engineering of our product. He is also a true enthusiast of sports and anything outdoors.

Phil Cockayne

 Senior Software Developer 

A key trait for product development - dependability is one of the many qualities Colin brings to our team. He enjoys "camp-grade" carpentry, brewing his own beer and spending time with his family.

Colin Kilburn

 Lead Platform Engineer/Architect

Ghasem's background in computer vision, mobile robotics, and deep learning combined with his creativity is one of the leading factors of the engineering of our products. He is also well-known for his cooking.

Ghasem Abdi

Lead Geo-Intelligence Engineer

Jordan, aka "the wizard", is the eyes and hands behind our 3D visuals through her imaginative skills. When she is not around the office doing her "magic", she enjoys video games and roller skating.

Jordan Cameron

 3D Generalist

Umut's "progressive improvement" mentality makes him a central piece of our marketing activities. On the fun side, as a former basketball player and car enthusiast, he enjoys NBA basketball and driving.

Umut Karabacak

 Digital Marketing Specialist

Josh's strong interest in emerging technologies and collaborative personality makes him a vital member of our software team! Josh, outside of work, is a PC hardware enthusiast and an excellent home cook.

Josh Kleine-Deters

 Software Engineer

Isayah's passion for problem-solving and innovative technologies makes him a key player in our product development. Rock-climbing and reading are among the activities he enjoys the most.

Isayah Vidito

 Software Engineer

Mackenzie's highly driven nature makes him a true technical problem solver! We also admire his "do better" mentality at work. Outside of work, he enjoys video games and stock car racing.

Mackenzie Storey

 Software Engineer

Aude's ambition in programming combined with her fast-learning skills enables her to continually improve herself every day. Hiking and camping are among what she likes doing outside work.

Aude Doussot

 Software Engineer

"Computers solve problems larger than a person's lifetime" is the mentality lying under Madumitha's passion for geo-intelligence. Besides her analytical skills, she has a strong creative attribute as a fan of painting and cooking.

Madumitha Venkat

 Software Engineer

Originally from China, Wei's focused nature combined with her passion in the geospatial industry allows her to generate great insights. She also enjoys reading and cooking. P.S. Her cookies are addictive!!

Wei Wu

Business Development Analyst

Sarath's enthusiasm in geospatial analytics fused with his desirable technical skills is what makes him a key player in our product development. Hiking and camping are his frequent go-to activities, outside of work.

Sarath Veeturi

 Geomatics Specialist

Board of Directors

Norm Couturier


Daniel Hoyles


Chris Mathis

Board Chair

Yun Zhang


Proud member of

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