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Patented 3D Image Technology


Our patented 3D image technology is the world’s most accurate image fusion technology for 3D visualization of air, land and sea. It helps quickly assess immediate critical needs, such as emergencies or natural disasters and it can help visualize future opportunities, such as urban development, tourism and conservation.

The 3D Planeta Advantage

We provide customers with the tools and intelligence required for up-to-date situational analysis so you can make better decisions, faster.  We call it the 3D Planeta SAFE system.

3D Planeta SAFE system

SEE a realistic 3D view of areas of any size, with the ability to zoom in and out.

Land Use Planning and Development
Emergency Response and Defence

Land Use Planning and Development

Our technology creates photo-realistic images that provide the world’s most accurate 3D mapping of existing terrain and watercourses that can work with modelling platforms to create real-time predictive analysis of potential developments on local ecosystems.


Emergency Response and Defence

Our technology works alongside first responders and security personnel to identify and map everything in your path – such as terrain, structures, tree canopies, lines of sight and transportation routes – that could affect mission outcomes, safety and/or stability.




Navec™ provides unprecedented awareness of terrain, structures and objects of interest in our 3D aerial images. With 3D images generated by our Helixx-3D™ engine, giving operators and analysts the ability to assess the terrain in true 3D.

Our 3D image fusion and visualization platform


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3D Planeta is ready to help you see clear to where you want and need to be.

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